Dear colleagues,
We would be eager to collaborate (without division of commission, we are paid by our customer) closely with you within the framework of our searches for our future buyers/tenants …

To be made, we would like to have in you our data bank (if it is not already made), to submit you our amateurs’ requests; know that we would not like neither to waste your time nor ours, also, we take our missions in a reasonable way as far as:

  • We do not accumulate contract of brokerage excessively, in the point to assume a follow-up and a quality search; the objective is to carry out the mission.
  • In the same state of mind, we take a maintenance with the customer to know his request and the feasibility of the latter; useless to begin a search which is not “objective”.
  • Always by concern of an effective service, we limit ourselves essentially to the municipalities of the South of Brussels, the southeast, and their bordering municipalities…

We would be grateful to you, at least if our philosophy and our zones of search question you, to encode us in your “mailing list” (Mailing “the new good”, campaign of e- e-mail, SMS, etc.), and to send us all the new properties which you would bring in; if we conclude a sale or a rent together, we offer you a “bonus agency” of 10 % + tva on our honoraires**

(*for example: sold apartment 200.000€ = 4.000€ for us, that is 400€ + tva for you). (**agreement on our « partner-contract »)